Human Micriobiome

The development of gut microbiota starts at birth. Sterile inside the uterus, the new-born’s digestive tract is quickly colonised by microorganisms from the mother (vaginal, faecal, skin, breast, etc.) and from the environment in which the delivery takes place. Microbiocenosis formed in the gut is playing important role in metabolic processes as well as influencing the immune system. Any disorder in composition of gut microflora disturbs the whole gastrointestinal system and consequently, if not managed, it disturbs metabolic and immune processes.

Alterations in the gut microbiota have been linked to various pathologies, including inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and cancer.

AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd focuses on the development of products that are sanatory and beneficial to the human gut microbiocenosis, and its influence on metabolic processes and the immune system.

This approach has led to a number of products being developed, ranging from one indicated for Atopic Dermatitis to the whole line of Ecoantibiotics which addresses the issue of dysbiosis and the associated Side Effects, such as antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, colitis, and candidiasis.