In licencing

AVVA is focused on Medicinal Projects dedicated to developing new drugs and medical devices from inventors who demonstrates data confirming the principal hypothesis for the molecule and target in in vitro and/or in vivo preliminary research.


AVVA can contribute to the above mentioned types of projects in the following ways:

  • Project coordination and monitoring;
  • Risk management and evaluation;
  • Protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Development of business model, legal strategy, etc.;
  • In vitro and/or in vivo research;
  • Pharmacokinetics and in vivo efficacy evaluation;
  • Preclinical trials;
  • Clinical trials;
  • Pharmaceutical development;
  • Technology transfer to an industrial partner’s manufacturing site.


AVVA is focused on the study of new molecules, targets and technologies for drug development and delivery, in cooperation with academic research groups, companies, research and manufacturing enterprises, using our own financial resources and expert, organizational and administrative support.

Do you have an interesting project that you need support with? We are ready to help!

If you have a project on which you would like to collaborate with AVVA, please consider the following principal stages of project evaluation used by the company:


Presentation of the potential project to AVVA. The presentation can contain the following information: molecule, target and disease data, list of studies conducted with brief results and conclusions, available patents and patent applications, analogs and expected advantages over existing compounds, own relevant publications, list of support grants and preliminary conditions of cooperation.


Preliminary project evaluation within the company. The submitted project materials will undergo scientific, market, intellectual and business analyses at AVVA.


Decision about in-depth project analysis. The decision is considered positive when AVVA offers to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and a Letter of Intent. Should the decision be negative, we will present justified reasons for refusal, and, in some cases, make recommendations for project revision.


In-depth project analysis. AVVA typically requires all of the developer’s project materials for this analysis (reports, expert opinions, protocols, patent applications, project research plans, possible requests for additional studies).


Decision based on the results of the in-depth project analysis. If the decision is positive, AVVA will offer to sign a Project Partnership Agreement, stipulating the principal conditions of collaboration (related to finance and intellectual property). If the decision is negative, a detailed explanation will be provided of the reasons for refusal, or additional project data requested for a repeat analysis.