Welcome to AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd

AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a research-based pharmaceutical company, an industry leader in the development and production of innovative medicines that meet common medical needs, building on its knowledge derived from the research of the human microbiome.

Our portfolio includes a number of inventions that will replace current standards in the fields of infectious and metabolic diseases.

Our goal is to simplify medical care by improving the efficacy and safety profile of commonly used medication, transforming it into products that would not alter the current therapeutic approach but enhance it.

News & Events

  • EU Approvals

    AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd announces the first two EU file submissions for Lactofiltrum and Filtrum. Filtrum and Lactofiltrum are the first… more>>

  • CPhI

    AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd announces participation at the CPhI Worldwide 2015 conference in Madrid, Spain. For partnering opportunities please visit us at stand… more>>

  • Ecoclav

    AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd announces a new phase III clinical trial plan for Ecoclav. Ecoclav belongs to a new class of… more>>