New approach for the management of Eczema & Atopic dermatitis.

The product:

A combination of extracted Mixed Plant Cell Wall Fibers (MPCW) and a prebiotic (Lactitol).

  • MPCWF contain lignin, an enterosorbent with high sorption capacity able to bind and remove allergens, mediators, metabolites, toxins from the GI tract.
  • Lactitol exerts a bifidogenic effect that stimulate the growth and activity of the intestinal commensal flora, that reduces the development of endotoxins and at the same time stimulates the synthesis of short-chain fatty acids (anti imflamattory agents) by Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

Clinically tested:

15 clinical trials & scientific studies performed in adults and children for the management of Atopic Dermatitis / Eczema, proving its efficacy & safety.


Lactofiltrum’s mechanism shields’ the body from allergens affecting the GUT-SKIN Axis.



Open-label, comparative, randomized study of efficacy and safety of “Lactofiltrum®” combined with the standard therapy in adult patients with exacerbated idiopathic eczema (2021)

Day 10  ± 2 of Eczema Treatment Reduction of EASI score ≥ 75%

Double blind placebo-controlled randomized comparative study of efficacy and safety of LACTOFILTRUM, orally administered tablets used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in adults (2009)

SCORAD Index Dynamics by 21 ± 3 Days of Atopic Dermatitis Treatment