About R&D

AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd conducts research and development in cooperation with institutes and universities around the world focused on developing novel drugs, with proven safety and efficacy.

Many years of experience have allowed the company to create a wide network of partners and reliable service providers, including manufacturing pharmaceutical companies, to develop and manufacture high-quality medicines for human use.

AVVA has built an investment and financing platform to support the discovery and development of modern, highly competitive and innovative medicines for the global market.

We cooperate with academic research teams and start-up companies around the world in the fields of chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutics and medicine.

AVVA has Research and Development branch comprised of the following:

  • Investment Board (makes decisions on project financing);
  • Development Advisory Boards (evaluates projects from the scientific, CMC, pre-CT, CT, Regulatory submission and Marketing authorization perspectives);
  • Research Department (comprised of  specialists coordinating IP, CMC, pre-CT, CT, Regulatory submission and Marketing authorization activities);
  • Quality Assurance Department;
  • Administration Department (provides technical, legal and financial assistance).